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What are the best photo apps for Android?

What are the best photo apps for Android?

Critics rarely agree on any “best of” or “top” list regardless of the specific subject.  However, when it comes to photo apps for Android, one of the best photo apps for Android according to some online sources is still Instagram.  This free app, by Burbn Inc., is considered by some to be not only a photo app but a social app as well in that it allows users to share shots with friends.

best photo apps for android

Instagram pic

The app includes over a dozen filters or what some refer to as manipulation schemes that can be previewed at the bottom of the screen.  Users can add descriptions to photos, add them to the app’s photo feed and publish them to such social sites as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Flickr.

best photo apps for android

Camera Bag app

Camera Bag is another popular photo app.  It was created by Nevercenter Ltd.  This app generally runs around $2.00 and is said to be easy to use.  This app, like the above-mentioned Instagram, also features several filters and one can, of course, also use the app to actually take pictures.

Critics particularly praise the “fisheye”, “Plastic” and “1974” filters for their particular effects on ordinary photos.  Pictures can be re-taken and previewed.  The user can also save the original photos, apply filters and save the “filtered” shots and even e-mail them to others.  Critics also note, however, that if one is a user looking for a photo app with a lot of different features then this may not be the photo app for them even though it is still considered one of the best apps out there today.

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