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Knox Stays in US While Italian Court Trial Begins

An appeals Court in Florence has began deliberations Thursday in the third murder trial of Amanda Knox and her former boyfriend, with Knox noticeably absent opting to remain in the United States.


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Knox’s defense team gave their last round of rebuttals, ending four months of arguments in Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito’s third trial for the 2007 murder of her then British roommate, Meredith Kercher, in the Italian university town of Perugia.

Knox’s lawyer Carlo Dalla Vedova told the court he was “serene” about the verdict because he believes the only conclusion from the files is “the innocence of Amanda Knox” per Chron.

“It is not possible to convict a person because it is probable that she is guilty,” Dalla Vedova said. “The penal code does not foresee probability. It foresees certainty.”

Dalla Vedova evoked Dante, noting that the Florentine writer reserved the lower circle of hell for those who betrayed trust, as he asserted the police had done to Knox when they held her overnight for questioning. The only problem was they did this without legal representation and without letting her know that she was a suspect.

After more than 6 ½ hours of deliberation, a court official said the judge would announce within the hour when to expect the verdict from the panel of two professional judges and six lay jury members.

Knox awaited her verdict in the safety of the United States in Seattle, where she returned to after spending four years in jail before being acquitted in 2011. In an email to the court, Knox wrote that she feared wrongful conviction.

Knox’s noticeable absence does not formally hurt her case since she was formerly freed by a court and defendants in Italy are not required to appear at their trials.

Sollecito, has made frequent court appearnces.

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