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The Poets Café with Myrenna Ogbu

Poets Café on 90.7FM KPFK

Poets Café on 90.7FM KPFK

The Poets Café!

I had personally never heard of the Poets Café before having met Myrenna Ogbu, a poet and the host for the Poets Café on KPFK (90.7 FM) . The Poets Café was started by Marlena Bond, the producer of the show because of her love for poetry. Marlena, a wonderful woman, fell in love with the studio early on in her career and says she loves spending a whole day concocting shows for people to hear. Her love for her work and poetry, made it possible for her to start a show solely dedicated for Poets and Poetry. The Poets Café permitted many Poets such as Michael C.Ford to give avid listeners a gift of words. The Poets Café leaves you feeling that the conversations could be held in your local café among friends that happen to be Poets not by Profession but Passion. The exchanges of words that sometimes rhyme, that sometimes have a rhythm and a hidden sense at other times, take the listener and everyone present at the Poet’s Café on a poetic ride.

Myrenna Ogbu and the Poets Café!

Myrenna Ogbu has been a poet, actress and in short an artist since she could last remember. She has been published in the anthology of Two Idiots Peddling Poetry and has made CD’s of her poems as well. I was introduced to Myrenna Ogbu by Yerusalem Ashenafi who happened to meet her professionally, and even before having met her it felt as though I knew her. I saw her twice yet it was as though we had known each other for a long time.  The second encounter with Myrenna Ogbu was because she had invited me on a “ride along” to the Poets Café. A poet herself, she was laying the grounds for aspiring poets as myself by introducing poets to each other and most of all to the world. Myrenna hosts the Poets Café with her suave and musical voice giving the show the spices it needs. Myrenna has a sense of humor, a refined taste in music, strong vocals and a great spirit. SImply put, an easy person to talk with Myrenna made the Saturday 25th of January recording a blast only those present and the listeners of the show can relate to. Myrenna Ogbu is an artistic soul!

A poetic ride at the Poets Café!

top left to right: Michael M, Adrian T, Chris W, Alan Lightner and David R bottom left to right: Myrenna O, Christine Y.

top left to right: Michael M, Adrian T, Chris W, Alan Lightner and David R
bottom left to right: Myrenna O, Christine Y.

My privileged “ride-along” to the Poets Café was really more than I had bargained for. Recording along side Poets like Chris Wesley and Michael Miller, was like a gift from the Universe I had never imagined. With the presence of three wonderful musicians, Alan Lightner, Adrian Tapia and David Riviera , the poetry readings of each of us went as smooth as silk as though it had been choreographed and rehearsed. The ambiance orchestrated by Myrenna herself really made music to listening ears, and as if by magic the poems were in sync with one another making it a joy to work together. Three  poets with different styles of writing and reading, along side three musicians with different instruments was more than an explosion of cultures, rhythm and lives.

After having searched far and wide in Orange County California for open mic poetry nights and poet gatherings, that are difficult to find as a needle in a haystack, I was more than pleased to have discovered the Poets Café. The Poets Café on KPFK (90.7 FM) is definitely a go to radio show for fans, writers and poetry amateurs. I hope you’ll enjoy the ride at the Poets Café as much as I did.


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Born and raised in Ethiopia, outgoing and active. Writing since a very young age, she wants her creative side to have a purpose and use it to get messages across the globe. Expresses herself through her slam poetry and addresses the World through her writing.