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What Star Wars action figures are rare? 2

What Star Wars action figures are rare?

Star Wars is a successful series of space opera movies that began in the late 1970s.  The films were popular enough to spawn a merchandising line.  Star Wars action figures were especially popular.

star wars action figures

Vinyl-Cape Jawa

One of the rare figures sought by collectors is the Vinyl-cape Jawa.  This was one of the first figures produced by Kenner in 1978.  Originally released with a cape of vinyl, the company decided that they should re-release the figure with a cloth cape because it presented a better visual in the package.  By improving the look of the toy—changing the cape to cloth–they subsequently created a rarity.  The vinyl-caped figure is also the most counterfeited figure because of its value to collectors.

Another more recent rare figure is the Brazilian Droids Vlix.  The movie series recently spun-off an animated show called Droids.  After the animated series was released Kenner also put out a new line of action figures to accompany the TV program.

star wars action figures

Braziian Vlix

Both the cartoon and the new line of figures failed.  Kenner, however, had already begun work on the second series of Droids action figures which included Vlix.  In Brazil the company Glasslite—who already had acquired the local rights to  the characters—had already mounted the figures onto the packaged cardboard backing and begun to prepare them for release before word of cancellation reached them.

Because of this, Brazil was the only area in the world where any of these fully-packaged figures were ever produced.  (Naturally, while rare Star Wars figures such as these are theoretically worth a lot of money, as collectors know their real world value is always only what one can actually get to pay for the items.)

(Images courtesy of  Geeksplosive and TheSWCA)

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