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Groundhog Day music video

Groundhog Day music video by Jeff Litman

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jeff Litman is a big fan of Ground Hog Day.  In the summer of 2012 he released a music video titled “Over and Over” as a companion piece to his then recent release Outside.   Today, Ground Hog Day 2014, indie everyman Litman looks back and reflects on the performance of the video.  He reports that “people love the video. And people love that movie, so I’m pretty happy we were able to tune into that. It was a silly idea, but I’m glad it seems to have struck a nerve.”

groundhog day

A scene from “Over and Over”

What makes his “Over and Over” video especially relevant to this time of year is the subject matter.  Litman, who has been favorably compared to the likes of Elvis Costello and Tom Petty, elaborates: “It is for my song ‘Over and Over’ and it is a shot-for-shot homage to the Bill Murray movie, Groundhog Day. My friend, the talented film maker, Emily Branham created an edit template for the video using actual Groundhog Day footage.”

The video expresses the repetition in his song and in life in general. Litman say the idea for the video came from Branham.  “Since the movie is about Bill Murray living the same day ‘over and over’, we thought that movie would be a natural fit for the song which is about repeating patterns and getting stuck in a rut.”

Litman adds: “Emily created the edit using original footage, and we reshot the video as closely as possible w/ myself as Bill Murray and a bunch of other friends and actors (Kaylin Lee Clinton, Bryan Dunn, Andy Schneeflock, Joe Brent) playing the other parts–stand-ins for Andie MacDowell, Chris Elliott, etc. We also had a great assistant producer, Ashley Ayarza who located a lot of the props and costume pieces, a terrific assistant director, Jamie Courville who kept the original footage on an iPad and made sure we were as close to the original performances as possible when we were shooting, and perhaps most importantly, our amazing director of photography, Chris Reynolds who got each shot just right.”

groundhog day

Jeff Litman’s disc “Outisde”

Litman also noted that people “can watch both the original-footage template and our recreation on this post here.” He further suggests that viewers “try watching them at the same time. We got pretty close, if I do say so myself!”  If you have yet to see the music video, check it out . . . unless of course you enjoy watching the same top ten videos “Over And Over”.

Groundhog Day music video by Jeff Litman

(Image courtesy of Jeff Litman)

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