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Should NFL pay taxes?

Should The NFL pay taxes? 

Some people say “Yes!”

In fact, just last week Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz from Utah proposed specific legislation that would revoke the National Football League’s tax-exempt status.  Chaffetz commented that professional football and hockey leagues are currently for-profit entities that simply do not need what many consider is “an unfair tax break.”  Chaffetz submitted this measure mere days prior to this year’s Super Bowl, arguably the country’s most famous and popular sporting event of the year.



Chaffetz stated: “In reality, the NFL and the NHL are for-profit businesses, and they should be taxed as such.  They are not charities nor are they traditional trade organizations like local chambers of commerce.”

A few critics say that “the NFL is just an organization of 32 independent companies. People see the NFL doesn’t pay taxes, and they think that means the Dallas Cowboys don’t pay taxes, which isn’t true. Most of the money brought in by the NFL is distributed back to its member companies, and those companies pay taxes on it. So that money is taxed. It’s not quite the racket you think it is.”

Chaffetz critics are also quick to point out that taxing sports organizations such as the NFL would not drum up “big bucks for the federal government”.  According to an online estimate it would only raise about $109 million over a period of 10 years.


Jason Chaffetz

His supporters, however, are just as quick to note that aside from the funds, this legislation would set a significant precedent.  They also reiterate that there is no real reason why for-profit businesses such as the NFL should retain money while all the other for-profit businesses currently pay taxes especially considering they are also receiving billions in subsidies.  They believe it to be “a no brainer”.

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