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Super Bowl 2014 coin toss cancelled?

Super Bowl 2014 first coin toss voided

The Danbury Mint might have to forego adding this year’s coin to their Super Bowl Flip Coin Collection as the first coin toss at this year’s Super Bowl was fumbled and voided.  Joe Namath, ex-New York Jets quarterback and Hall of Famer, flipped the coin prematurely.  An apologetic Namath flipped the coin again with the result favoring the Seahawks.

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Super Bowl 2014

For those of you not up on your sports history, the Super Bowl is the annual, final championship game of the NFL (National Football League).  This year’s game, being played today, is Super Bowl XLVIII and is the latest in a long line of yearly events dating back to 1970.  Today’s contest is between the AFC ( American Football Conference ) champion Denver Broncos and NFC ( National Football Conference)  champion Seattle Seahawks.

This year’s game is being played at the MetLife Stadium at the Meadowlands Sports Complex in East Rutherford, New Jersey,  The kickoff was  scheduled for 6:25pm Eastern Standard Time.  Online research indicates that while any coin toss should have 50-50 odds, historically-speaking the NFC often beats the odds every year.   This year no one will be winning bets as the powers that be chose to cancel the coin toss at Super Bowl XLVIII.

Nevertheless, this is a noteworthy event for many reasons including the fact that this is the first time the Super Bowl is being played outdoors in a “cold weather” city.  Between long lines, fans fainting, the cold weather and out of town football aficionados suffering the local New Jersey traffic this year’s Super Bowl is already a memorable one before either team has even won.

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