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Michigan Murderer on the Loose After Prison Escape

A convicted Michigan murderer is on the loose and causing panic across the country as a multistate manhunt has begun. Police believe that the escaped convict is even responsible for a kidnapping since his escape.

Authorities reported Monday that Michael David Elliot, 40, slipped through a fence at Ionia Correctional Facility on Sunday night and then kidnapped a woman from the nearby town of Ionia, Michigan, using a box cutter.

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Image courtesy of Michigan Department of Corrections

Elliot was serving four life sentences for killing four people in 1993. He allegedly approached the woman as she left a house in Ionia and told her he had an emergency and wanted to get as far from Michigan as possible, according to CNN affiliate WOOD.

They traveled for approximately 100 miles to Elkhart, Indiana, in her 2004 Liberty before Elliot needed to stop for gas late Sunday and she was able to escape from the Michigan murderer, Michigan Department of Corrections spokesperson Russell L. Marlan said Monday.

According to WOOD, she locked herself in a gas station bathroom and called police for help, Elliott took off with her jeep in the meantime.

His last known appearance was getting on interstate 80/90, but authorities don’t know which direction he was heading or where he was going. The Interstate connects Elkhart with Chicago to the west and Toledo, Ohio to the east.

“We would advise anyone who sees the vehicle or they see Mr. Elliot to not take matters into their own hands,” Michigan State Police Lt. Troy Allen said Monday.

Prison authorities discovered Eliot was missing at about 9:30 p.m. Sunday, although it is not clear how he was able to move around inside the prison before his escape.

He had apparently pulled back the two bottoms of two fences and crawled underneath to escape, Mairan said.

He was known to be a good prisoner and was reportedly wearing a kitchen uniform when he escaped.

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