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Should NFL be tax-exempt? Petitioners say ‘No’

Should the NFL pay taxes? Politicians and petitioners think so . . .

In the wake of Super Bowl 2014, the country’s most popular sporting event of the year, people are rioting for a lot of reasons.  One issue that has set off a fire of political activism is The NFL—National Football League’s—tax exempt, non-profit status.   Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz from Utah submitted proposed specific legislation that would revoke the National Football League’s tax-exempt status mere days prior to the event.   Chaffetz said that professional sports leagues are currently for-profit entities that don’t need what many consider is “an unfair tax break.”


Should the NFL pay taxes?

Chris Bowers of The Daily Kos has taken up the mantle and has started an e-mail campaign to encourage his fellow citizens to sign a petition to”revoke the NFL’s non-profit status.”  He notes: “The Superbowl is the biggest television event of the year and the NFL is one of the most profitable enterprises in the world—but the NFL enjoys non-profit status thanks to a congressional statute.”

Bowers also wants to remind people that “taxpayers pay for NFL teams in other ways, too—state and local governments regularly subsidize teams to build and upgrade facilities, and the league’s hugely lucrative TV deals are exempt from antitrust laws. “


Chris Bowers, Daily Kos

Politics does indeed make strange bedfellow as liberal Bowers added: “Revoking the NFL’s non-profit status is not controversial—even Tea Party Republicans like . . . Chaffetz of Utah agree that the NFL is a for-profit entity receiving unfair tax breaks. Now, we just need to make sure Congress does something about it.  Keep fighting” Bowers concludes as he once more urged people to go to the site and sign the petition to congress to revoke the NFL’s non-profit status.

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