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Was the Super Bowl Rigged? Critics Suspect Foul Play After Seattle Blowout Over Denver

Was the Super Bowl Rigged? Many football fans and critics are coming out stating that the Super Bowl was not a fair match after the Seattle blowout over Denver 43-8.

Super Bowl Rigged Rumors False - photo from Wikipedia

Super Bowl Rigged Rumors False – photo from Wikipedia

While the Seattle Seahawks are a fierce team to be reckoned with, football critics are coming out saying that there is no way the Denver Broncos would have such an upsetting loss. Denver fans are calling the super bowl rigged after Peyton Manning and his offense failed to perform during Super Bowl 48.

Speculations of the Super Bowl being a tampered event have been propelled even further by satire articles published by The Huzlers. In their article, The Huzlers states that an investigation is underway by the NFL as they suspect the game was rigged. They even quoted referee Terry McAulay telling reporters that Peyton Manning went up to Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and asked, “When are you going to pay up?”

Of course, the entire article is a satire piece and in no way resembles the truth. However, the article did raise questions about the Super Bowl as the Broncos were predicted to defeat the Seahawks by a narrow margin.

Meanwhile, the NFL officially states that the Super Bowl was in no way rigged and that the Seattle Seahawks are the true victors of Super Bowl XLVIII.

Was the Super Bowl Rigged? Critics Suspect Foul Play After Seattle Blowout Over Denver.

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  • Nathan Shorter

    i think it would have looked more legit if the weather would have been the way they planned it but … i mean come on…. 43-8 in clear weather .. i smell a rat.

    • mitch

      Sounds like a bunch of sour fans after anembarrassment. Of a performance

  • Nate Wood

    Really not hard to figure out. They figured out Peyton’s hand signals, knew the routes the receivers would be running and punished anyone who touched the ball (or got anywhere near it.) They out-hustled, out-played, out-executed and out-coached my beloved Denver Broncos.

    It was not rigged, we just $!@t the bed.

    • Alec Herold

      The second game of the season (This pre-season!!), Denver came to Seattle and was stomped pert near the same with a score of 40 to 10 Seattle. I don’t remember one tweet or complaint of it being rigged. Sore losers! Just because Manning is the QB, doesn’t give them an auto win. Get over the fact that Seattle is a overall better team.

      • Elizabeth Vicknair

        AMEN. Can’t you all just Suck it up and admit that Seahawks played fantastic football. I’ve never heard such poor lossers

        • Steven Jennings

          That’s very stuck-up of you and Alec Herold to assume all Broncos fans are sore losers. As a resident of Colorado and a Washington-born person, I think it’s safe to say I can take pride in both teams.

          P.S. Maybe your opinions would be valued if you knew how to spell “loser.”

          • Nate Wood

            Agreed – I think you Seahawks fans would be blown away that the general reaction in Denver was “Seattle played really well, what a great football team. They earned it. We have to get better.”

  • Duncan Hall

    Stop it. Anyone who believes an entire football team from the coach down to the linemen would be willing to embarrass themselves on the largest stage in pro sports, ruin their reputation, make themselves a laughingstock in the national community, throw away the massive endorsements and salary increases that come with winning a super bowl, and dump an entire year of work down the drain in such a spectacularly pathetic fashion is brain-dead. Denver wasn’t prepared and broke down, that’s it.