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Things to do at wineries

Wacky things to do at wineries for Valentine’s Day  . . .

or any other time.

These days it seems that people are looking for more.  Whether it is in their paycheck envelope or in the value of that on which they spend their hard-earned dollars.  The wine industry is no exception.  Perhaps that is why some wineries are getting more creative when considering how to market their product and attract potential new customers.  Wineries such as the Door County Wineries in Wisconsin offer visitors an entire weekend experience which includes not only wine-tasting but fashion shows, kayaking, shops to buy souvenirs and even a pub crawl for those of age.



If you prefer the west coast, California has numerous wineries.  One popular one is Crazy Creek Gliders which—as one might eventually guess from the name—includes glider rides, flying lessons and of course wine-tasting.  Located in Middletown, they are perhaps one of the state’s more unique wineries.

Another interesting stop in wine country can be found in Sonoma, California.  In truth, the entire Napa Valley features a number of wineries which offer more than just typical tastings.  They offer historic tours, samples of native foods and scenery that can be found nowhere else.



Of course, creative tourists need little more than their imaginations to have some wacky fun.  Visitors can walk in with cameras and note pads and pretend to be critics or reporters, learn the proper way to behave at a tasting and do the exact opposite or don the proper outfits and pretend to be incognito celebrities checking out the local vineyards, or simply put on your best clothing and pretend to be wealthy people looking to invest in or even purchase the winery.  In truth, the wackiness is only limited by one’s own imagination.

Wacky things to do at wineries

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