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Top 10 Most Entertaining Facebook Pages To Follow In 2014

Facebook has become a big part of daily life. People use it to see what their friends are up to, manage events, conduct business and anything one can imagine. Literally hundreds of millions of people are using it now and it’s become much more than just making a personal profile. Facebook has become an entertainment epicentre and there are thousands of entertaining Facebook pages to follow.

Facebook is still the largest social media site in the world and has a lot more to offer its users than just simple social interaction. Everything from businesses, bands, podcasts, organizations and everything in-between. But that can present a conflict for many. What pages are actually worth liking?

That brings up what is perhaps the bigger issue of the modern age; how to figure out what content to consume. The internet and social media have created an immense amount of content that didn’t exist for previous generations and now there is more for people to intake than ever. This, however, could become a bit overwhelming for some people when it comes to sorting through all of this content. There are many entertaining Facebook pages out there and it may be tempting to follow all of them. But that’s not realistic and many of them aren’t worth crowding your news feed with.

It is impossible to pay attention to all of this content, but there are some safe bets when it comes to what Facebook pages to follow. It’s 2014, and this list will give some of the most entertaining Facebook pages that are sure to please. From science to embarrassing text messages, from comic strips to do it yourself projects, this list gives a well rounded and worthwhile shopping list of entertaining Facebook pages to follow that won’t disappoint.

Photo courtesy of rebellsociety.com

Photo courtesy of rebellsociety.com

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