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Seattle Superbowl Parade

The Seattle Superbowl parade for the Seattle Seahawks on Wednesday to welcome the team home from their 2014 Superbowl win attracted almost 1 million fans.

 Seattle Superbowl Parade

 Seattle Superbowl Parade

Golden Tate waiving the 12th man flag at the parade in Seattle, WA.

As the Seattle Seahawks returned home to Seattle yesterday, it seemed that all of Seattle must have shut down to welcome them home.  The Seattle Seahawks webpage is filled with pictures of fans that gathered to welcome them home.

After the parade, the team held a more intimate gathering in the stadium to celebrate the success at the Superbowl and share their triumph with the 12th man.  50,000 fans were invited to CenturyLink Field for a Championship Ceremony.  Another 27,000 were watching from the Safeco baseball field across the street as well.

What is this 12th man the Seattle Seahawks credit for their success?  As explained on their website, “Seahawks fans might cheer from the sidelines, but on the field they give the Seahawks a 12 on 11 advantage every play for every yard. The impact of their loud and relentless support have become a Northwest tradition. They are The 12th MAN.”

The Seattle Seahawks credit their success to their fans.  The 12th man gives them the advantage on the field.  It is almost as if they have 12 men against the other team’s 11.  The parade and ceremony for the fans on Wednesday proved just how much support the Seahawks have as soo many gathered to celebrate with the team.

Photo courtesy of Seattle Seahawks facebook page.

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