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Weekday Meals Triumph Over Weekend Indulgences

As you carefully prepare your weekday meals for the week, instead of searching for the pasta it has been suggested to look to vegetables and  salad instead. Research conducted has shown that people trying to lose weight should monitor their weekday meals, however they should not worry as much about indulging in their desired temptations on the weekends, a new study suggests.

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Nearly everyone gradually loses weight during the weekdays and then gains it back over the weekend, a team of American and Finnish researchers reported.

“Almost to a person, we weigh the most Sunday night and we weigh the least Friday morning,” said study co-author Brian Wansink, a professor of consumer behavior at Cornell University and author of the book Slim By Design.

Those who successfully lost weight and kept it off were those who maintained healthy eating habits during the week, the researchers found.

Those who consistently lost weight in the study were shown to compensate more strictly to their diet during the week for their weekend weight gain, the researchers stated. Their weight began decreasing immediately after Monday approached and continued to do so until Friday, while people who tended to gain weight showed a weaker weekday compensation for the weekend’s binges.

“The ones who are big winners are those who lose a little bit of weight from Monday to Tuesday to Wednesday to Thursday,” Wansink said.

The study was published online on Jan. 31 in the journal Obesity Facts, followed 80 people ages 25 to 62. Researchers asked them to weight themselves before breakfast each day for anywhere from two weeks to about a year.

The study found that everyone – whether they were gaining or losing weight – had fluctuation in their weight over the course of a week.

Wasinik said he believes this happens because weekdays are more regimented, making it easier for people to monitor what they are consuming. Meaning weekday meals are easier to stick to a plan whereas the weekend leads to many temptations.

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    Eat sensibly all the time, stop weighing yourself, stop eating processed foods, sugar, grains and simple carbs. Weight fluctuations are notoriously off putting and if you don’t weigh yourself all the time you won’t stress on it. Get past having to indulge yourself with food, find another passion and indulge in that.