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White Gold Wedding Bands

The humble wedding band has been through quite a journey all through history. Dating back to well over 4800 years ago, the wedding band first made an appearance in Egyptian civilization. Since those days, when rings were made out of reeds and rushes, they have now evolved to be more than a symbol of love: they also reflect the couple’s personality and their commitment to each other.

With the significance attached to the wedding band, it’s often a hectic task for couples to find rings that best suit their style. But our collection of white gold wedding bands brings your hunt to an end. With a wide choice when it comes to design, cut, clarity, price and size, Apples of Gold specializes in white gold wedding bands. Sourcing our rings from some of the best wholesale retailers in L.A. has it own advantages.

You are assured of:

• Excellent quality gold and workmanship

• Exclusive and intricate designs

• Unmatched wholesale prices

• Perfect fit when it comes to size

The care that goes into shaping your wedding band into vintage and contemporary designs will make it a perfect addition to your heirlooms. Since your wedding band will remain on your finger constantly, our designers also realize the importance behind creating rings that gel well with any attire. So whether it’s an afternoon off with the girls or a black tie event with your beloved, you’ll find that our rings make for a perfect accessory with any of your other jewelry and in your day or evening clothes.

The rings are also finished perfectly to complement everyday use. You don’t have to worry about it snagging your upholstery or your woolens.

Our rings are never mass produced, so you can rest assured that you are selecting a one of a kind piece when you shop with us. One of our key objectives at Apples of Gold is to help consumers avoid the bevy of middlemen and sales antics to find jewelry that best fits your needs. In all, we’ve brought out a line of white gold wedding bands that meets all your needs and yet each piece remains unique in its own way. Our white gold wedding bands are available in 14K and 18K gold. Apples of Gold specializes in wedding bands in other metals like sterling silver, gold, platinum and titanium too.

For more information about white gold wedding bands, please visit ApplesofGold.com.


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