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Super Bowl over? Play football online for free

Football over?

Play football online for free

The number of free games online today seems almost endless.  Many of them gather together and categorized on numerous free game-playing websites.  Many websites have several free football games.

One popular football game is Touchdown: American Football.  This game is essentially exactly what the title implies.  It’s a game based on American football.  This game is sponsored by KBH Games and is free to play online.



While the game includes a tutorial that makes it easy to play it is not—according to online experts—so easy to master.  Players with knowledge of football are said to be more likely able to score “the winning touchdown” before newcomers to the game.  The opposing team defending the end zone is said to be very challenging to beat.  The game includes bright graphics and is available for play on more than one website.

Another very popular free (American) football game online is called Speedback.  In this game the player must attempt to strong-arm his/her way into the opposing end zone to score.  The game includes a brief, simple tutorial and playing options include stiff-arming the defenders and spinning to avoid the defensive linemen.



Online experts agree that what helps to make the game more challenging is that the player is limited to only one spin and one stiff-arm move per possession.  The player may win an extra life when he/she scores three touchdowns.  Developed for and promoted by ESPN, this game is also available for play on more than one website.  The game includes clear graphics and is free of extraneous sound effects.  Don’t stress, football fans, the games go on all year ’round when you play online.

Football over? Play football online for free

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