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What is going on with Bob Costas Red Eye ?

What is going on with Bob Costa’s Eye?

photo credit: NBC news

photo credit: NBC news

As Bob Costa wakes up the morning of opening day to find his eye is crusted shut. Did he drink the water? Did he have an allergic reaction? Or is he sick with pink eye? Whatever the case may be, it is not good for Bob. He addresses the problem first hand, telling the public of his eye infection. Then he begins to host the 2014 Sochi Games on Prime Time, by saying his eye is “as red as the Soviet flag.” Is Bob mad at Russia? Is Bob going to get replaced? Is NBC going to give him any sick days? Why is he still working? When I went to school, if you got Pink Eye you could not come to school for a week, and teachers said you were “Highly Contagious” Is Bob a workaholic ?  A lot of question to be asked at the Olympics this year. There has been a lot of talk of problems in Russia, but is defacing an American reporter? The trend has already started with the Olympics new hash tag culture #SochiProblems . And so it begins! Stay tuned to www.americanlivewire.com for breaking coverage on the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games.


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