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Aunt of Missing Wisconsin Baby Charged with Kidnapping

Missing Wisconsin baby, Kayden Powell, has been found and saved in Iowa. Federal kidnapping charges have been filed against Kristin Smith, the aunt of the missing Wisconsin baby per ABC news. The 5-day-old baby was taken from his bassinette in Beloit Thursday while his mother was asleep in the same room.

Authorities said the 6-pound, 20-inch newborn was found Friday at 10:15 a.m. near a gas station a half-mile from where his aunt was taken into custody in West Branch, Iowa after she left the Beloit home in the middle of the night early Thursday with the baby in tow.

FBI acting special agent G.B. Jones said at a news conference the West Branch police chief heard the newborn crying from a distance and found the child swaddled in blankets in a tote bag outside the gas station. Authorities say the child appears to be in good condition. Authorities say the outcome of this situation was extremely positive despite all the dire circumstances.

The baby’s mother had called 911 after waking up at 4:30 a.m. Thursday to find that her son was missing from his bassinette in a room where she was sleeping at a home in the Town of Beloit, authorities said. West Branch, Iowa, where the missing Wisconsin baby was found, is about 180 miles southwest of Beloit.

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Image courtesy of Town of Beloit Police Department.

Jones said finding the child was actually not part of a “directed” search, which essentially means they weren’t told where to look.

The baby’s aunt was visiting the home Wednesday evening, but was supposed left early Thursday morning to go back to Colorado, where she resides. Police were able to reach the woman on her cell phone, and she pulled off the highway in Iowa. Authorities took Kristin Smith into custody on an unrelated outstanding warrant from Texas at a  store along I-80.  They found baby clothes in the aunt’s car but not the baby. FBI agents then went to Iowa to question Smith.

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