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Iran Sending Naval Warships To US Maritime Borders

Iranian Admiral Afshin Rezayee Haddad has stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran has ordered the deployment of some of its naval warships to US maritime borders as a response to the US positioning more of its fleet in the Persian Gulf. While Iran is not sending these few ships with the intentions of making an attack against US ships or territories, it hopes to send a message that the presence of foreign ships near their borders are not a welcomed feeling for other countries either.

Iran Sending Naval Warships To US Maritime Borders

Iran Sending Naval Warships To US Maritime BorderIran has reportedly sent one naval destroyer along with a supply ship with an intended destination of reaching US maritime borders somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. The ships reportedly rounded the coast of South Africa recently and are in Atlantic waters, making their way. Iran has stated that the crews aboard the ships contain some experienced crews, along with naval academy cadets who are being trained by their superiors.

While having admittedly sent statements that these ships mean no physical harm to any US property, their maneuvering into the Atlantic Ocean and intended path to reach US borders is intended to send a message not only to the US military but to other countries who do not entertain the presence of the US Navy near their waters.

The US Navy has had ships stationed in the Persian Gulf for many years, so it is not new for there to be US warships located in waters off of Iran’s coast. The US even has some permanent naval bases in allied countries in the gulf, who welcome the US presence. For some the US ships are a deterrence to violence in the region, while to others they symbolize an unwelcomed and oppressive presence. Iran clearly seems to be leaning more towards the latter impression.

US representatives have not released any official statements in retaliation to Admiral Afshin Rezayee Haddad’s statements, but it can be assured that the message was recieved by those in command.

Featured image of Iranian warship from Wikipedia.

Iran Sending Naval Warships To US Maritime Borders.

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    Let them send the ships, it will make it much easier to sink them if needed. But they have the right to send ships as long as the ships stays in international waters.

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    Hmmm.. Very interesting… Maybe we will get another drone out of them.