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How did Michael Elliot Escape from Prison?

How did Michael Elliot escape from prison?  Using ‘camouflage.’

How did Michael Elliot escape from prison

How did Michael Elliot escape from prison?
Image by LaPorte County, Indiana Sheriff’s Department

Convicted murderer Michael Elliot’s escape from the Ionia Correctional Facility on Sunday led to a massive investigation and the suspension of a shift commander and corrections officer.

Michael Elliot was captured one day after his jail break in LaPorte County, Indiana.

The big question is how did Michael Elliot escape from prison?  “I just seen an opportunity.  It was relatively simple,” Michael Elliot reportedly stated.

Michael Elliot utilized a leather belt and his bare hands to bend a chain link fence into a large enough area that he could squeeze through.  The area selected was the “sally port gate,” due to its lack of concertina wire and electrical fencing.

Donned in white, he camouflaged himself to match the snow.  “Any time I seen anybody I stopped,” Michael Elliot states.  According to the Free Press, a guard in a patrol vehicle once came within 20 feet of him.  At this time, he dug into the snow, laid on his stomach, and waited until the guard had passed.

Michael Elliot worked his way towards Ionia, jumping into the snow banks to blend in when cars passed.  Once in Ionia, he approached a woman in a Jeep and told her to move over.  When she refused, Michael Elliot told her that he was a convicted murderer who intended her no harm.  He then climbed into the back seat and had her drive him south.

At a gas station in Middlebury, Indiana, the woman dialed the police from her cell phone after locking herself in a bathroom.  Michael Elliot drove off in her Jeep as the police were arriving.

He was captured the next evening after a police chase.  Michael Elliot is currently awaiting extradition in LaPorte County.

Michael Elliot was charged with fatally shooting four people and burning down their home.

How did Michael Elliot Escape from Prison?

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