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Top Ten Best Summer Resorts For Young Adults

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Jamaica The Caves

Jamaica The Caves. Image Courtesy: Island Outpost

The Caves Resort is located at the west end of Jamaica and sits perched atop the limestone cliffs next to the clear blue oceans waters giving its guests an exotic view. Negril’s seven miles of beachfront property offer spectacular views from anywhere at the resort. Dining at the Caves presents one of the most romantic settings to be found anywhere in the world. Dine by candlelight on the limestone cliffs, while tasting some authentic “Jamaican Jerk” barbecue. The Blackwell Rum bar is a full service open bar that stays open till the wee hours of evening to hangout with friends after dinner for cocktails. Be sure to try the signature cocktail “The Cliffhanger”, that contains fresh squeezed watermelon juice, a hint of ginger, and served with just the right amounts of Blackwell Rum and Appleton Gold Jamaica Rum. During the daytime kick back on the beach and soak up some sunshine, then head out for a wildlife nature tour, afterwards be sure to take advantage of spa treatment to get into full relaxation mode. This summer resort in tropics is one of the best resorts available.

Top Ten Best Summer Resorts For Young Adults

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