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Top Ten Best Summer Resorts For Young Adults

Looking to get away this summer and take a vacation to an all inclusive resort. Travel to some exotic place enjoy white sandy beaches, cool ocean breezes, and forgot about the real world for a while. Sounds pretty good doesn’t? Of course it does and its not far out of reach.

As those summer temperatures climb its nice to relax beachside or pool side with a cold beverage; get away from home for while with some friends and let loose. There’s plenty of amazing options out there to choose from as well. In the summer young adults are looking for resorts that offer: beautiful beaches, a good nightlife scene with numerous bars that serve unlimited drinks, and a wide variety of restaurants that serve up some 4 star cuisine.

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Summer means lots of outdoor fun as well, don’t just waste this special trip away laying on beach, dive into those clear blue waters to go snorkeling or scuba diving and catch a glimpse of some underwater wonders. Tired of laying by the pool or on beach? Go rent some bicycles and explore the island oasis, while taking in some culture and get some good tips for some good eats from locals. The adventurous type might want to take a summer hike and checkout the wildlife on the exotic island. Try out surfing, windsurfing, or serve up a  game of beach volleyball.

Most of all during this summer getaway sit back relax and get waited on hand and foot at an all inclusive resort. There’s plenty of amazing resorts to to choose from. Some picturesque islands offer private beaches, luxurious restaurants in the evening, and bars that stay open all night. Deciding what resort to spend this precious summer vacation time at can be difficult, so here’s a few tips to help when choosing that summer destination spot.

1.  First choose a resort that has all the amenities bundled into one package. Put that credit card away and enjoy a worry free vacation. Find a resort that includes: lodging, meals, snacks, drinks, and activities for the day and night time all wrapped up in one price.

2.  Start planning this summer getaway early. Prices are the highest during peak season travel times.

3.  Do some research to find to the best deal out there. Travel agents suggest looking into hotspots like: Mexico’s Riviera Maya on the Yucatan Peninsula and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, and at some of the Jamaican resorts.

4.  Make sure to read the fine print on everything that the all inclusive resort has to offer, before giving up that hard earned cash. Pick a resort that focuses on good quality and service, it’ll probably cost a little more on the front end, but it will equate savings in the end, because most luxury resorts don’t allow tipping.

5.  Choose the destination carefully; find out exactly what activities the resort offers and are included in the package deal and which ones cost extra. Compare what one resort offers with another and make the best choice.

Now its time to turn this summer 2014 into one of the greatest vacations of all time. Here’s a list of the top ten best resorts for young adults. Destination hotspots that never disappoint.

Top Ten Best Summer Resorts For Young Adults

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