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What Is The 1-Ring Phone Scam?

This phone scam has been plaguing the nation, as mysterious phone numbers call your phone and then hang right up. They do not leave messages for you to call them back, but they are still hoping that you will. This scam is being called the 1-Ring Phone Scam. Generally people will not call back an unknown number, but these scammers from the Caribbean are hoping that by calling enough people randomly that there will be a good number of people who will. They know that most phones these days have caller ID features, and are betting that someone won’t be able to resist the urge to call back and see who is on the other line. That is where they get you.

What Is The 1-Ring Phone Scam?

1 Ring Phone Scam Could Cost You MoneyThe scammers from these foreign countries are calling you so that you will call back their phone numbers. Unless you happen to know that the phone numbers that they are calling you from are from a foreign country, you might make the assumption like many others have made that these are just innocent out of town numbers. By calling these phone numbers back your phone bill will not only be hit with a fee for connecting you to a foreign country, but these malicious scammers will also charge your phone bill by the minute. Typically you will hear some sort of recorded message that will ask you to remain on the line to speak with someone. Chances are that if you called the number hoping to see who called you, you will wait on the phone for a few minutes hoping to speak with a human being. As you wait, your phone bill will be racking up charges, typically over $9 per minute.

The more common area codes of these scams are listed below for your information. Be sure to avoid any unrecognized or unsolicited phone calls from these area codes, because it could end up costing you a lot of money. Even your phone company may be sort of helpless in helping you mitigate your loses in these instances.

Area Code 268 : Antigua and Barbuda

Area Code 284 : British Virgin Islands

Area Code 809 : Dominican Republic

Area Code 473 : Grenada

Area Code 876 : Jamaica

These area codes are not the only area codes with offending phone calls coming from them, but chances are that most of you reading this do not have family or personal business in any of those listed regions. Hopefully some of you will find this article before calling the numbers back, and therefor saving you a lot of time, money, and headache. Be careful out there because there are still people looking to make a quick buck off of you at your own expense. In a time when we often feel that there are a lot of consumer protection laws in place to help prevent things like this from happening, there are still other countries out there with less regulation where thieves can sit and feel comfortable while trying to rip you off. Chances are that even if our police notify their local authorities, there is little if anything that can be done to stop these crooks on the other end of the phone.

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What Is The 1-Ring Phone Scam?

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