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Copenhagen Zoo Shoots 2 Year Old Giraffe And Feeds It To Lions

The Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark has upset not only its Danish patrons, but also other animal lovers around the world. The zoo decided to go ahead with its predetermined plan to kill one of their own healthy giraffes. The reasoning behind the kill was to prevent in-breeding in the zoo’s own giraffe population. The zoo had determined that the best course of action for them was to exterminate the giraffe and then cut the body up and feed it to their lions and other natural predators. That’s exactly what happened to the horror and amazement of zoo visitors as the giraffe’s body parts were fed to the animals as onlookers took pictures.

Copenhagen Zoo Shoots 2 Year Old Giraffe And Feeds It To Lions

Copenhagen Zoo Kills 2 Year Old GiraffeThousands of people had signed petitions and protested the zoo’s plans to put down their otherwise healthy 2 year old giraffe. The zoo declined to hand the animal over to a qualified caretaker who was willing to accept the animal from the zoo. Additionally, the zoo also declined to give the young giraffe to another zoo, where their population would not have been at risk of in-breeding with the Copenhagen giraffe. To those protesters, the zoo’s decision appears senseless and selfish.

For those who were not upset about the killing, zoo visitors were allowed to stand by and watch as Marius, the giraffe, was shot and then skinned. After being skinned, the body was cut up into manageable pieces and taken to various animal enclosures. There the zoo visitors could watch as the animals consumed the meat and tore flesh from bone. The feedings proved to be a popular attraction that day, as many curious onlookers couldn’t help but watch as nature did what it was intended to do.

The Copenhagen Zoo stands by their decision to kill Marius, as it says they were not able to sell the giraffe to a private buyer and they were not able to take it to any other zoos nearby. The decision was prompted to remove him from the breeding pool after it was determined by a regulatory agency that there were already too many giraffes with the same gene pool in the zoo’s possession. This situation becomes common among zoo animals, where the breeding population is limited to the animals on hand and soon the zoo is left with generations of siblings that cannot reasonably be inter-bred.

Feaqtured image of giraffes at the Copenhagen Zoo from Wikipedia.

Copenhagen Zoo Shoots 2 Year Old Giraffe And Feeds It To Lions.

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