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Marcus Smart Shoved a Texas Tech Fan; Fan Admits He Deserved It

When Marcus Smart shoved a Texas Tech fan Saturday night Oklahoma State fans hung their heads as they pictured losing their star player to a suspension.



It was late in the game. Smart had fallen out of bounds attempting to make a play. It was clear that something had been said to him by  fan a few rows back by the way he reacted. He confronted the fan who said something again, Smart shoved him, and the internet went wild with questions:

What did this guy say? How long will the NCAA suspend him? Will the suspend him? Should what the fan said matter when the NCAA review his case?

Rumor has it that he used a racial slur and told Smart he needs to go back to Africa. So If you can believe what you see on the internet it sounds like the NCAA should at least take in to consideration what was said to Smart.

The fan’s name is Jeff Orr and he is what is commonly called a super fan. He doesn’t miss a game and has been known to travel to games as well. ESPN did a short piece on his love of the Red Raiders a few years ago. That’s how big a fan of the team he is. However, his fan-dom has been known to take an ugly turn at times. Shortly after the incident with Smart a clip began to make the rounds on the internet of him telling a Texas A&M player he was ‘No.1′–but not with his finger.

So he has a history of poor behavior; something Texas Tech should address. It appears that he may have already addressed it with himself. Doug Gottlieb of CBS Sports posted to Twitter a copy of a series of text messages that Orr supposedly sent to a friend admitting that he said something he shouldn’t have.

The NCAA will have a tough decision to make in this case. Marcus Smart shoved a Texas Tech fan; he needs to be suspended. Getting aggressive with a fan can’t be tolerated regardless of the circumstances. At the same time he was provoked. How much should that be taken into consideration? Should it?

For Oklahoma State fans the answer can’t come soon enough.

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