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David Hallman, Missing Ohio College Student Died Of Hypothermia

After a 21-year old college student went missing on Saturday, a search of the local area soon began. He had last been seen leaving a local restaurant in Granville Ohio, but did not return home. He left the restaurant at closing time around 2am on Saturday morning.  Severe weather conditions at the time meant that it was not a wise idea for someone to be out in the cold for too long. Later that evening around 1030pm he was found about half a mile away from the restaurant where his friends last saw him earlier that morning.

David Hallman, Missing Ohio College Student Died Of Hypothermia

David Hallman IIITo those who found David Hallman III, they say that it appeared that he had laid down in the cold to go to sleep. Unfortunately, by the time he was found he had already succumbed to hypothermia and had died. Police believe that alcohol consumption may have been a factor, and may have been what made the young man too exhausted to complete his journey home in the cold. It is not uncommon for people who have over consumed alcohol to fall asleep in cold weather and either die from exposure, or suffer severe injuries as a result. Being intoxicated makes the person’s body less aware of the dangers it is facing while the body shuts down from the cold outside temperatures.

Toxicology reports will be conducted to determine what blood alcohol level David Hallman III had at the time of his death.

David Hallman III was an economics major at Denison University in Central Ohio. During his years at the school he had participated in the school’s swimming and diving team. Many on the campus received news of his death over the weekend, and he is reportedly missed by many on campus who knew him. Denison University is a small campus of just over 2,000 students, and apparently Hallman stood out as being a memorable face in the crowd.

Featured image from Denison Big Red.

David Hallman, Missing Ohio College Student Died Of Hypothermia.

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