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Could Being Gay Hurt Michael Sam’s Draft Hopes In Homophobic NFL?

One of the top prospects for the upcoming NFL Draft had announced recently in an interview with The New York Times that he is homosexual. While there are most likely players already in the NFL who are gay, most of them remain close lipped about their private matters. The NFL has been mostly homophobic, given their desire to maintain a manly and macho image in the public eye. Some people think that this conflict of image could mean a disaster for Michael Sam‘s chances at making it big in the draft.

Could Being Gay Hurt Michael Sam’s Draft Hopes In Homophobic NFL?

Michael SamMany analysts have projected that despite the public having an increasing acceptance of gay people and their rights, the key people behind the NFL and their teams may have the opposite feelings. These analysts have predicted that despite being the top projected draft pick for the draft prior to his announcement, he will probably fall back further in the pack. Some think that the macho organization of professional football is not quite ready for the media attention surrounding a gay athlete. While the current media hype is generally about player’s stats, team victories, and upcoming games, the sport is probably not mature enough to handle the player’s comments about their teammate’s or opponent’s sexual preference and lifestyle.

The current attention toward Michael Sam has not all been negative however. Many journalists from the media have been reaching out to Sam to get his opinion on being gay in the sport. His sexual preference is a bit of a taboo for the jock-type that habit the football field, and this makes him a bit of a spectacle at the moment. Perhaps by coming out and being proud of who he is, he can inspire other gay football players who may already be in the NFL to come out on their own. Many feel that it is time for the rest of the world to open their eyes to other people’s way of life, and learn to accept people for who they are.

Perhaps the key leaders in the NFL should get together and develop a game plan for becoming a more tolerant and mature organization. If they wish for their teams and their players to be inspiring leaders in their communities, perhaps they should take a head start by setting the tone for being a better person from the ground up. By being indifferent or even accepting of a player’s lifestyle, they could be an example for many that who you are doesn’t necessarily change the quality of what you do.

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Could Being Gay Hurt Michael Sam’s Draft Hopes In Homophobic NFL?

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