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Homeless 49ers Fan Getting a Helping Hand From Bitter NFL Rivals

The Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers have become the rivalry in the NFL, but it appears that both fan bases were able to come together to help the homeless 49ers fan.

via GoFundMe

via GoFundMe

When the two teams met during the regular season and in the playoffs all sorts of trash talk and hate flowed from both team’s fan bases. Billboards flew up, sky writers were hired, and the internet–well, the internet just went nuts with things like #ClassicKaepernickHate and tons of ridiculous memes.

So when a young fan appeared at the Seahawks Super Bowl parade in 49ers attire it brought a lot of stares and just a few boos. However, in the days since the parade a lot has been discovered about the young man–he’s a 15-year old ward of the state of Washington and lives in homeless shelters.

This is where the story gets good.

Upon hearing about the young boy a woman in San Francisco started up a fund in order to bring him down for a game in the 49ers new stadium. When his story became public knowledge–that he is a homeless 49ers fan–she decided that money would be better spent doing something like sending him to college.

From the Go Fund Me page:

“I have just come to learn this kid is only 15 years old, is a ward of the state, and living in a shelter. I know this sounds so crazy and just like one of those “send money to help these starving kids in some foreign country” stories. But it is VERY true and validated by his teachers and the shelter in which he resides. We are contacting his social worker to get him REAL help. He is very thankful!!”

Yes, going from sending a kid to a football game to sending him to college is a pretty big leap, but when there is already over $26,000 raised–and coming from both fan bases–it could happen.

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