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Older Adults Can Stay Strong By Getting Rid of High Impact Exercises

A new study has revealed that older adults over the age of 50 can stay strong by getting rid of high impact exercises in their workout routines. The older a person gets stiffer joints become a more common problem and it takes longer for the muscles and joints to recover after a high impact workout. By switching up the daily workout routine and adding in exercises with dumbbells and high resistance strength training two or three times, also mixing in equal time doing aerobics throughout the week and older adults can continue building lean muscle and staying fit.

Exercises for older adults.

Exercises for older adults. Image Courtesy: Meadville Medical Center

Co-author of the book “Strength Training Past 50,” Dr. Wayne Westcott says, that it becomes harder and harder for older adults to build muscle mass after turning 50, but it is possible by changing up the workout routine. He says, “It’s more challenging with age but if you do strength training you can maintain your lean muscle to about age 70.” The good doctor also urges older adults who are hitting the gym in increasing numbers lately to stay away from explosives workouts that cause extra strain on the joints. IHRSA (International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association) estimates that more than 10 million people over 50 have signed up gym memberships since 2012.

Older adults that are hitting the gyms in staggering numbers should focus on having a longer warm-up routine before exercising and pay more attention to their diets, because of the increasing difficulty to burn calories. Dr. Barbara Bushman of the American College of Sports Medicine says, exercising regularly can pay dividends as a person gets older in helping to fight chronic diseases.

Older Adults Can Stay Strong By Getting Rid of High Impact Exercises

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