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Kraft Dropping Artificial Preservative From Singles Cheese

Kraft dropping artificial preservative from Singles cheese

Kraft Dropping Artificial Preservative From Singles Cheese

Kraft Dropping Artificial Preservative From Singles Cheese
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In another step towards more natural food products by renowned companies, Kraft Singles are the latest to change up ingredients in their popular products in response to consumers’ apparent growing concern for chemicals present in food.

Kraft announced that it are replacing the preservative sorbic acid with a more natural mold inhibitor natamycin.  This change only affects the full fat versions of American and White American Kraft Singles, the two most popular types.

Although sorbic acid is approved by the FDA for human consumption, there is a growing affinity for foods that can be deemed natural, or have more natural ingredients.

General Mills adopted the no-GMO take with their original Cheerios recently.  Last week, Subway announced the removal of the chemical substance azodiacarbonamide from its breads.  While this substance is legal for use, it is also found in yoga mats.

Kraft is planning on airing a new television commercial later this month touting that Kraft Singles cheese, “begins with milk” and are now “made with no artificial preservatives.”  These commercials will reportedly depict cows grazing with a milk truck driving past.

New Kraft Singles packages have already hit the shelves, and tout a red circle stating that they have no artificial preservatives or flavors.  Artificial flavors have reportedly not been used for years.

“Consumers are looking for those less artificial cues and messages.  Those messages are more meaningful to consumers than they have been in the past,” states Gavin Schmidt, manager of cheese research and development at Kraft.

The change reportedly took approximately five years to take place due to testing to ensure that the taste and shelf life would not be impacted.  Details on the process were not provided, but Gavin reports that it wasn’t as simple as switching one preservative for a natural one.

Reports state that Kraft does intend to bring this new natural preservative to other products in its line, however the most popular ones were the best place to start.

Kraft dropping artificial preservative from Singles cheese.

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