TOP 10 WEBSITE BUILDERS IN THE WORLD 2014. When it comes to making a website, not everyone has the know-how to make it from scratch. Luckily, there are website builders. A website builder is a useful tool for anyone looking to start their own website, whether it be for personal use or business purposes. The website builder develops the coding and format necessary for an accessible website, but allows the user to personalize it to his liking. Let’s take a look at the top website builders in the world.



TOP 10 WEBSITE BUILDERS IN THE WORLD 2014 - photo from Devian Art

TOP 10 WEBSITE BUILDERS IN THE WORLD 2014 – photo from Devian Art

IMCreator: One of the easiest and best website builders, IMCreator is the most user-friendly tool in the world. With plenty of personalization options for the user, this website builder can be used for both a personal website as well business oriented sites.

WordPress: WordPress is probably one of the best known website builders around the world. With thousands of themes to choose from and an endless stream of guides and help from its millions of users, WordPress is one of the best options for beginners who are just starting to get their feet wet in the online world.

Wix: One of the most user-friendly website builders is Wix. Wix has many options for templates that are easy to use and easy to customize. Moreover, it’s free which makes it a great option for those who want to step into the online scene within a budget.

Weebly: While not as customizable as other website builders, Weebly is well-known for having a balance of both free and paid options that make it a great tool for both experienced and beginning developers. A wide range of templates and add-on features makes Weebly one of the top website builders in the world.

Square Space: This website builder is geared more toward the business sector. While the basic package costs $8 a month, the return on the investment is seen within the site’s many options for the user. Square Space allows he website developer to explore a variety of options for his website that may not be found on free platforms. Many new business owners look to Square Space for its easy customization options as well as its efficient platform.

Web: Web is a very useful website builder for beginners as it offers free service with over 1900 templates to choose from. With tools such as a free domain and free email accounts, Web offers an access point for new Web designers and bloggers who are just starting to grasp the concepts of the World Wide Web.

GoDaddy: This website builder is one of the most popular. GoDaddy offers a wide range of user options depending on the experience level of the user is and what the website is designed for. With a large database for image galleries as well as its drag and drop feature for its layout and design, users will find this website builder very easy to use.

Build Your Site: While Build Your Site is a paid service, it offers a free domain as well as over 4,000 templates. With media add-ons and search engine optimization (SEO) tools, this website builder is made for those serious about getting their site off the ground and running.

Fat Cow: Although Fat Cow is limited to only 100 templates, the 30-day free website builder offers useful tools for SEO that can assist those new to the Web design world. The builder continues to grow in popularity and many continue to use the service after their free month because of its accessibility to beginners.

Register: Along the same lines as Fat Cow, Register only offers 100 templates for users to choose from. However, this website builder also offers Flash video tools, free images and an E-Commerce option that many website builders do not have at their disposal.

There you have the TOP 10 WEBSITE BUILDERS IN THE WORLD 2014. These are just a few of the many website builders in the world as the Internet continues to grow into a place of unlimited business potential.


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