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3 First Date Tips

First Date Tips for Valentine’s Day . . .

and any other time        

First dates can be rough any time let alone on a day like Valentine’s Day.  There are many different factors involved in what could be a notoriously nerve-racking night.  There’s choosing what to wear, the location, the conversation and so forth.  Believe it or not though, sometimes if you put a little effort into planning things you could transform a scary date to a smooth date.

Matthew Hussey, a relationship expert, agrees that there are a few basics regarding a first date that are essential to the evening.  Remember these things and it just might be a bit easier to focus on what truly matters—your date.

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First Date Ideas

Here are three essentials for any first date.  Make sure your first date is . . .

 . . . “time-flexible”

Plan a first date activity that has some flexibility.  Arrange a first date that can be a mere 20 minutes (if things go terribly wrong and you need an out) or 3 hours if you click, have a great time and want things to continue.

… “proximity-friendly”

Experts agree that you should choose an activity or event that allows for built in touches and physical tension.  Hussey says: “A dinner wouldn’t be my first choice, but if you find yourself at one, be sure to sit side-by-side, not across from each other.”

 . . . “externally focused”

Walking along the beach might sound stereotypical but the “surroundings” Hussey states “would take the pressure off, allowing you to look around and see what’s going on.”  Additionally, a moonlight stroll along the beach gives you and your date “more to talk about” thus making any “silence in conversation more relaxed.”

There you have it, guys and dolls, 3 First Date Tips from a relationship expert.  Good Luck!

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