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Blake Griffin Smacking Justin Bieber Hoax

As if Justin Bieber hasn’t been in the news enough lately…

Rumors went viral of LA Clipper Blake Griffin smacking Justin Bieber at a coffee shop for being rude to the barista.

Blake Griffin Smacking Justin Bieber Hoax

Blake Griffin of the LA Clippers

Could this be true?  Justin Bieber has been in the news a lot lately for his behavior.  His drag racing and DUI arrest even started a petition to have Justin Bieber deported from the United States.

The hoax alleges that Griffin was in a coffee shop enjoying some coffee when Bieber arrived with sagging pants and no shirt.  The barista told Bieber that in order to take his order, he needed to put his shirt on.

Bieber was outraged and started screaming at the barista.  That is when Griffin stepped in.  He tried to calm Justin down, but when he was unsuccessful, he knocked Bieber to the floor.  Bieber was then seen leaving, crying.

According to Gossip Cop, Justin Bieber has commented on this report and it is completely false.  But that is pretty hard to believe considering a Tweet from fellow LA Clipper Chris Kamen.

On February 10th, Kaman tweeted “I was sitting in the corner of Starbucks and Blake did not smack Bieber!  We at least not that hard….”

Is Blake Griffin smacking Justin Bieber really a hoax?  Wouldn’t be too far fetched with all the Bieber drama these days.



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