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Kate Hanson’s moves approved by Beyonce’ (video)

Kate Hanson’s Moves Approved by Beyonce’ – Just Dance !



Kate Hanson is a bright light in the Winter Olympics. She is part of the US luger team, with her stylish moves she has people wondering where she came from. American dance culture? Kate’s attutuide is as chill as the Sochi air and in the past two days she as become a dancing icon for many American girls. Girls like to dance, but Kate takes it to the next level as she warms up with some sweet moves. Brigham Young University student does her pre-race dance to the music of Beyonce’. When asked by NBC what she listens to before competing Kate said “Strictly Beyoncé, My girl, B! She just gets me fierce and I get stoked. I’ve got good mojo on, so it’s how I roll.” As she is being interviewed by NBC she puts on the headphone and starts to do a little dance for the camera. American’s everywhere are falling in love with the sweet Kate Hanson. Then the response to Kate from Beyonce was her posting Kate’s story on her facebook page. The comments and likes started flooding in. Two women super stars getting together to make the American people dance. Don’t get Kate wrong she likes to do other things too like surfing, dancing, singing, playing the guitar, ukulele, skateboarding, skiing, and traveling around the World.

Twitter: @k8ertotz 

“Honestly I’m in my own world … I’m completely in my own world – and it doesn’t matter who’s staring– I’m still going to dance,” 

 2014 Olympic Winter Games, 10th in women’s singles

So is Kate going to preform with Beyonce Next? Maybe Kate is going to start a dancing school?

Other things Kate is good at : 2013-14 Winterberg World Cup, silver (team relay) / 2013-14 Park City World Cup, 4th / 2013-14 Whistler World Cup, 6th / 2013-14 Winterberg World Cup, 7th / 2013 World Championships, 14th / 2013 national champion / 2010 Junior World Championships, bronze (singles, team relay) / 2008 junior world champion (singles, team relay)

 Kate Hanson’s Moves Approved by Beyonce’ – Just Dance !

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