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Top 10 Ultimate Photobombs of All Time

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Photo courtesy of hashtagphotobomb.com

Photo courtesy of hashtagphotobomb.com

It shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone that the number one spot on this list goes to the man himself, Tom Hanks. What makes this photobomb so fun, beyond that fat that it’s Tom Hanks photobombing someone in any fashion, is the folklore that has formed around it. Some say that the photos were planned and that Hanks was posing with a guy that was only pretending to be passed out while others say the kid had no idea Hanks was ever there. “I wouldn’t want anyone not to believe that I am capable of turning up on their phones,” Hanks said when asked about the story last year, but he didn’t distinguish which version were true, making it all the more fun. All of that is what makes this the most ultimate photobomb of all time.

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