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TV COMIC Sid Caesar dies at the age of 91

TV COMIC Sid Caesar dies at the age of 91!

Isaac Sidney “Sid” Caesar was born on September 8, 1922. He was an American comic actor, musician, writer, best known for his talent on Your Show of Shows, Caesar’s Hour, and the movie Grease. He also loved to spend long days writing his several books and  playing the saxophone late into the night. He was a passionate man, full of life and positive vibes. He made American’s smile after a long hard day at work.

Sid Caesar

Sid Caesar stated is comedic background as a little boy  in his parents 24 – hour luncheonette. Sid would mimicking the verity of people that would visit the diner. He coined this phrase the “Double-Talk” which he would start to use throughout his career. Sid Caesar got his first comic gig at the Vactionland Hotel on Swan Lake, doing 3 comic shows a week. Then in 1939 Sid Caesar signed up for the United States Coast Guard, and stationed in New York, playing his sax on the side. The summer of 1942, Sid met his wife Florence Levy, at the Avon Lodge and fell in love. They were married by July 17, 1943. In early 1949 Sid Caesar met Pat Weaver the v.p. at NBC, this lead to Sid doing his first series “The Admiral Broadway Revue” with the great Imogene Coca. Sid’s big break came in 1950 when he first appeared on “Your Show of Shows”, a Saturday night show that Americans loved to watch. He had a very successful career as an actor and in 1983, Sid hosted season 8, episode 12 of Saturday Night Live , where he received a standing ovation. Sid reached the Television Hall of Fame (class of 1985)  along with many other awards : 1952 – Won Emmy Award  / 1957 – Won Emmy Award / British Comedy Award (Lifetime Achievement) / 2001 – Television Critics Association (Career Achievement Award) / 2005 – DVDX Award / 2006 – TV Land Pioneer Award / 2011 Television Critics Association (Lifetime Achievement) / Star n the Walk of Fame. 

Sid Caesar will be truly missed in American TV, keep them laughing Sid !


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TV COMIC Sid Caesar dies at the age of 91!

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