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5 Top Ways to Find Love

5 Top Ways to Find Love for Valentine’s Day  . . .

Or any other time

While not everyone may agree on the top ways to find love, decades of experience, interviews with successful daters and online research reveal there are some commonly agreed upon top ways to find love.  In no particular order, here are the top ways to find love:

find love

Find Love

Go Online

Online dating is more popular than it has ever been and it is incredibly convenient.  This is particularly significant at the start of the year because experts say singles have made resolutions to find love and are prepping to make it happen by signing up on online dating sites.  If you’re serious about finding love do your homework.  Find a dating site that looks good to you and set up your profile.  There are many out there and some of them are even free.

Make dating your job

Yes, one online expert said: “Date like it’s your job.”  Just as people who are unemployed make job-hunting their job you need to make dating a job.  The unemployed send out resumes, get referrals and network.  If you really want to find love apply these ideas to your search for love.  Tell your friends you are looking and ask others if they know anyone who would be a good match.

Be open-minded

Be open-minded and open to new things.  It’s important, for example, that you not turn down a possible match just because you don’t like that he/she owns a cat.  Extreme allergic reactions aside, you could be missing out on a chance to find love.  Expose yourself to new things.  Even if love is slow in coming you will no doubt discover new foods, new friends and new activities that could enrich your life.

Control your expectations

A friend hooks you up with a blind date with a person who you were told was “really attractive.”  When you met, you discover that although your date is indeed attractive he/she is a lot shorter than you expected and you felt let down.  As you go out on dates this year monitor your expectations of others.  After all, your date might be a little shorter than you were hoping he/she could be a wonderful person.

Have patience

You might be ready for love but life doesn’t always work the way we want it to, does it?  It might not happen tomorrow.  Be patient not pushy.  Have patience and enjoy the things only single people can enjoy while you try to find love.

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