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Awesome GoPro Video #8

# 8 Awesome GoPro

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CRAZY video: Shanghai Tower (650 meters) FREE CLIMB by Rakalovit / (Video via: YouTube – user raskalovit)

These two crazy men in black hoodies and masks decided it would be a good idea to free climb the Shanghai Tower. One of the tallest buildings in the World. Can it be done? How?  At night they make there way into the building. Is this trespassing? First thing in the morning they start there accent. With GoPro cameras mounted on there head they take us on a wild ride to the top. They do not use ropes or any safety gear.  Not many would do this. Would You? Leave your comments below letting us know what you think about this crazy stunt. Do you want to see more of these kinds of stunts or does the madness need to stop?

This is a new generation of extreme sports Rakalovit says “Throw away your brilliant career and start living!


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