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What did The Beatles do today February 13?

The Beatles: On this day in music history

February 13

Most music aficionados know that The Beatles were a Brit band founded in 1960. They were the most critically and commercially successful groups in history. The line-up from 1962 on included: John Lennon (guitar, keys, and vocals), Paul McCartney (bass, keys, guitar and vocals), George Harrison (guitar, keys and vocals) and Ringo Starr (drums, percussion, piano and vocals).

On this day in music history, there were several Beatles-related moments.  The events date from 1963 through 2011.


The Beatles 1963

On this day in 1963 an episode of “Thank Your Lucky Stars” featuring The Beatles was transmitted for ABC-TV.

On this day in 1965 the Beatles ’65 platter hit its 6th week at number 1 in the U.S.

On this day in 1967 the single “Penny Lane“/”Strawberry Fields Forever” was released in the U.S.  The Beatles were in the studio mixing “A Day In The Life” and recording takes of “Not Known” which would become “Only A Northern Song”.

On this day in 1971 Harrison’s All Things Must Pass is in its seventh and final week at number one in the U.S.

On this day in 1984 Capitol reissues the single “I Want To Hold Your Hand” complete with the original black and white picture sleeve to mark the 20th anniversary of the Beatles arrival in the U.S.

On this day in 1993 McCartney appears on “Saturday Night Live”.  He performs “Biker Like An Icon“, “Get Out Of My Way” and “Hey Jude”.  He also appears in a couple of the sketches.

On this day in 1996 McCartney, Harrison and Starr complete a new version of the “Real Love” video which includes scenes of each of them with their wives.


Paul McCartney 2011

On this day in 2011 The Beatles stereo box set garners a Grammy for “Best Historical Album” at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards.  McCartney takes his 14th Grammy for the solo rock vocal performance of “Helter Skelter”.

(Images courtesy of  BeatlePhotoBlog and EastOfCapeSpear)

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