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Bengals Cheerleaders Sue Team Over Ridiculously Low Wages

The Oakland Raiders may have started a trend that NFL franchises could do without. The latest headline now reads this–Bengals Cheerleaders Sue Team.



Just like their counterparts in Oakland the Ben-Gals have decided that enough is enough and they want to be compensated appropriately which brings up the question–what would that be?

Currently the women on the squad get paid $90 a game. On average they practice anywhere from six to eight hours a week. There is also game day, mandatory charity events, and promoting the Ben-Gals calendar. Alexa Brenneman is the one that filed the complaint, and according to her calculations the Cincinnati cheerleaders are paid roughly$2.85 an hour.

Minimum wage in Ohio is $7.85.

As if that was not enough, she is also asking that the members of the squad receive back-pay and that they be paid on time as well (first of the month).

There will be some that will hear about this and think that the women should be happy to be on the squad and cheering on the team. At the same time it is hard to imagine why an industry that grosses $9 billion a season (and growing) can’t compensate cheerleaders better than they are.

Perhaps what the cheerleaders need to do is unionize and negotiate a collective bargaining agreement with the league just like the players.

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