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Elias Phoenix Piano Prodigy Rocks ‘The Ellen Show’

Elias Phoenix Piano Prodigy Rocks ‘The Ellen Show

Elias Phenix on Ellen Show

Elias Phoenix is a young super star that just loves ‘The Ellen Show’, dancing to “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore. Elias gets the crowd clapping and dancing feeling his vibe. He jumps up and gives Ellen a big hug, as Ellen comments on his outfits. Elias Phoenix tells her he dresses to impress. Elias Phoenix sees Ellen has new cups – then switches the topic and ask Ellen to follow him on Twitter. Ellen responded by saying “Yes, I will follow you.” On Twitter : Elias Phoenix @EliasTheKid said “Hi Everybody, Watch @TheEllenShow today! I had SUCH a BLAST!!! SO MUCH FUN!!! LOVE EVERY SINGLE THING ABOUT ELLEN!“. Elias Phoenix  keeps the crowd laughing with comments like “Can you understand my boston accent ?” and a joke “Why did the otter cross the road?” When Elias Phoenix walks over to the piano, he does it with such grace and freedom. With a big smile he turns to tell Ellen he loves her so much and says “Thank you for following me“. Then Elias Phoenix  begins to move the crowd with his magical panio playing skills. After he finishes the crowd stand and cheers. They can’t get enough of Elias Phoenix. At the end of the show Ellen surprises Elias Phoenix with some gift a Harvard University sweatshirt and then Ellen roles out the new sounds system . This is for Elias Phoenix when he is performing with his brother in front of all kinds of people. Ellen and Elias Phoenix  have become great friends. This is a great story in how we can help each other become better at we are good at. Take some time out of your day to tell someone you appreciate them as a person.

Is Elias Phoenix the new hot topic? Will he appear on other talk shows? What is next for Elias Phoenix ?

(Video Credit : via YouTube / user: Updatesshowz / Elias Phoenix on ‘The Ellen Show’ )

Elias Phoenix Piano Prodigy Rocks ‘The Ellen Show

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