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Get Fit While Working on Your Home

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Summer is a busy time for the homeowner.  There is a lot of work to do and for most people there is not enough time in the day to get everything done and maintain a workout routine at the same time.

Once you understand the calorie burning dynamics of working around your property you will find that you will have plenty of time left over for some recreational fun as well.

It is not hard to work up a sweat and get your heart rate up while make your way through your “honey do list”

Take a look at the calorie burning potential of the following summer chores

  •  Mowing: Keeping the lawn neat and tidy is the never ending task of the property owner. Mowing is a great cardio exercise and a great workout for the legs and core. Stepping up the pace along with the resistance of the mower will burn off more than 400 calories in a hour.

  •  Raking:  Although raking is considered a fall project activity, summer offers plenty of opportunities to use the rake.  As any gardener will tell you maintaining a great vegetable garden involves a lot of weeding and raking. Raking falls into the moderate exercise range that builds upper body strength.  A couple hours of working the rake will burn several hundred calories.

  •  Painting:  A fresh coat of paint goes a long way in improving the value of your home.  What will it be this summer the old fence at the property line, the house and garage? Or perhaps it is the widows’ trim in need of treatment.  Whatever you have planned a full day of painting will burn 1800 calories.

  •  Digging: Grabbing a shovel and moving the rocks for the rock garden you digging up the earth for a great garden is a great way to add strength and flexibility.  An hour of working in the garden will eliminate just under 300 calories.

  •  Small construction: Building a picnic table, putting up a new fence, and creating supports for garden plants.  If you are handy with a hammer and saw you will be giving your body quite the workout. Several hours of construction is going to sweat away 1100 calories.

  •  Roofing: Not everyone is going to be able to replace a roof, which is true, but If you are feeling up to the task it is a workout like no other.  Ripping off the new shingles and hauling them away.  Carrying the new bundles of shingles up the ladder is a workout in of itself. Feel the burn at 340 calories an hour.

There will be no need to make a trip to the gym, leaving plenty of time for some entertaining summertime pursuits. Take off for the beach for some much needed cooling off and R&R.  After your calorie burning day you will deserve it.

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