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Mass. Woman Convicted of Cutting Baby From Her Friends Womb

A woman has been found guilty of beating her friend death, then cutting the baby out of the friends womb and claiming it as her own daughter. Three months earlier Julie Corey lost her baby due to a miscarriage. Darlene Haynes body was found in a closet in her apartment on July 27, 2009. She had been beaten over the head repeatedly and strangled with an electrical cord. Her stomach had been cut open, and her baby had been taken.

Julie Corey

Julie Corey convicted of murdering her friend, then cutting the baby from the womb. Image Courtesy: Associated Press

A few days later Corey, the baby, and her boyfriend were found in homeless shelter. Alex Dion, Corey’s boyfriend testified, that Corey who he thought was pregnant at the time, called him on July 23, 2009, and told him she was giving Haynes a ride to a store. Later that night, Corey called him to say her water had broken and a friend was taking her to the hospital to give birth, Dion said. A few hours later, Corey called him again and said, “We had a baby,” Dion testified. The next morning Corey came home with a baby girl that he believed was his daughter. He and Corey introduced the baby to friends and family as their own.

Wednesday Julie Corey was found guilty by Worcester,Massachusetts Superior Court for murdering her friend and cutting the baby from her womb. Prosecuting lawyers for the case said, Haynes was eight months pregnant when Corey attacked her and cut the baby out of her body. Corey had been pregnant too and was upset over the miscarriage of her baby and she told her boyfriend and family that Haynes’ baby was her own. 

The jury deliberated for more than 48 hrs before coming to verdict of guilty in the case. Lawyers for the 39-year-old Corey, claimed the police did not follow up on leads, like interviewing Haynes ex-boyfriend as a potential suspect and they also suggested that Haynes’ ex-boyfriend had given Corey and her boyfriend, Alex Dion, the baby something which Dion denied when called to the witness stand.

District Attorney Joseph Early Jr. said, “It’s probably the most horrific case this office has ever seen in terms of facts, this woman was killed for her baby.”

Michael Wilcox the defense attorney for Corey said, he was disappointed with the verdict and they plan to file an appeal. Corey did not testify during the trial and is facing life in prison.

Mass. Woman Convicted of Cutting Baby From Her Friends Womb 



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