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Top 10 Ultimate Photobombs of All Time

Every once in a while, we humans are graced with pop culture phenomenons that it seems everyone wants to get in on. The Macarena, Gangnam Style, twerking, planking and parkour, just to name a few. But around five years ago, one of these pop culture phenomenons really began to take hold and has had more of a lasting effect than many other passing fads. Photobombing exploded several years ago and has since become a very regular thing that we are consistently exposed to.

A photobomb, for those who don’t know is to drop in a photo unexpectedly…to hop in a picture right before it is taken, as defined by Urban Dictionary. Photobombing is not necessarily something that was invented recently, but thanks to social media and the ability to share information quickly, it has become extremely prevalent. These days it seems that one can’t even pull up their Facebook feed without seeing their friends latest attempt at a photobomb at a party, or something of the sort.

However, sometimes these photobombs escalate beyond the level of everyday picture ruining. With everyone getting involved in them including big name celebrities, grandmas, clowns and even animals, we are occasionally graced with something truly special.  This list will take you through some of the most ultimate photobombs of all time. When going through these it is easy to realize just how diverse and crazy this trend has gotten.

From some of the worlds most famous celebrities to human-less moments that simply can’t be explained, take a look at this list of the top 10 ultimate photobombs of all time.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Photo courtesy of Pinterest


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