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Roger Goodell 2012 Salary is a Whopping $44.2 Million

We hear, being the boss, is quite the big task, but the financial reward can really make it interesting. In the NFL it sure does pay to be the Big Boss. Just ask Roger Goodell. In Goodell’s case he gets paid to be the enforcer/bad guy, known for passing out fines.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made $44.2 million in 2012, according to tax returns the league has submitted. However he does have players who top even his salary. Drew Brees leads the way as the NFL’s top earner between June 2012 and June 2013 with $51 million. Brees signed a five-year, $100 million contract extension last summer with the New Orleans Saints that included a $37 million signing bonus and a $3 million salary for the 2012 season. Green Bay Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers is a close second making nearly $49 million a year.

Goodell 2012 salary

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell speaks during a Super Bowl XLVIII news conference at the Rose Theater, Jazz at Lincoln Center on January 31, 2014 in New York City.

Goodell earned $35.1 million in salary, bonus and pension compensation. Based on IRS reporting guidelines, his total 2012 compensation includes a $5 million incentive payment and a $4.1 million pension payment from the 2011 lockout year that was paid in 2012.

The league’s revenues have approached $10 billion and its TV ratings dominate all other programming.

“Commissioner Goodell’s compensation reflects the value of his leadership and the success of the NFL at the highest levels,” said Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank, a member of the league’s compensation committee. “His significant accomplishments continue to strengthen our game, our business and our leading position in the sports industry.”

League general counsel Jeff Pash was second on the list of executives’ pay with $7.86 million, and he had $1.23 million in deferred compensation. Executive vice president Eric Grubman was at $4.243 million, with another $527,000 deferred.

“The NFL owners determined that the NFL under Goodell is the best-run sports league and has a great future,” said Marc Ganis, president of SportsCorp, a Chicago-based consulting firm, and close observer of the NFL. “They felt Roger’s performance warranted his compensation to at least be comparable to the highest paid commissioner, which has historically been Bud Selig.”

Selig is believed to earn a salary in excess of $20 million.

“The people who decided his performance warranted this compensation are the same people who are paying it, the 32 team owners,” Ganis added. “They decided that Goodell’s performance was worth a little more than $1 million for each of the teams — a very rational decision based on the extraordinary results Goodell has delivered for them.”


AP NFL website: www.pro32.ap.org

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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  • what

    Definitely the type of salary most people who run tax exempt organizations get.

    • MrFister

      Not cool bro. It’s not a business, the NFL is like a very rich Kiwanis Club. More of a public service organization really.

  • Robert Leon Patton


  • pantsonfire

    This is greed. Lower salaries and ticket prices. These exorbitant salaries divide these people from the average Joe and give liberals too much fodder for their redistributionist designs.

    • what

      Redistribution is giving tax incentive to billionaire football owners.

  • Z_West

    The nfl should probably pay taxes.

  • Chris Wright

    Who Cares!

  • Jimmy Weber

    Drop the “non-profit tax exempt” status and pay him $1 billion for all I care. As long as NFL is subsidized by tax payers as a tax exempt non-profit organization the 32 owners are not the only ones paying his salary.
    There should also be a law banning local and state municipalities from being able to subsidize pro sports teams by paying for their stadiums.