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Where Are All The Single Ladies at This Valentine’s Day?


Where are all the single ladies at this Valentine’s Day?

5 things single ladies can do this Valentine’s Day:

Acknowledge the loves in your life that are not your lovers

Call up your parents, siblings your best friend and let them know how much you love and cherish them.  Write a letter to the person that is always your constant and express your love, gratitude and appreciation.

Treat yourself to your favorite kind of day

Pedicures, manicures, massage, favorite chocolate, the list is endless.  Ask yourself: What do I want out of today?  You can’t disappoint yourself! So buy that new outfit or splurge on your favorite candy and flowers.

Avoid restaurants and bars

You can go to those any day of the week.  Leave those locations to the mushy gushy couples tonight. Grab your favorite takeout and best single friend. Make a date out of it! Bake a cake signifying how you feel about this crazy day of love and have fun with the decorations.  Have a cook off with your bestie!

Red Party!

Do you have multiple single friends? Embrace love without actually being in love.  Red drinks, red decorations, red cookies and snacks! Be merry amongst your friends.  Keep it an open invitation.  You never know, your friend of a friend may bring along your soul mate.

Rent these movies and nosh

When you have a guy in your life you have to choose a movie that you both like.  Not tonight! Revel in a romantic comedy or cry your eyes out in an emotional drama.  Why? Because, you can! Eat the entire pint of ice cream, nobody is looking.

Recommendations: Say Anything, Moonstruck, Annie Hall, Love Actually, Ever After, From Here to Eternity, The Notebook and Steel Magnolias

Where Are All The Single Ladies at This Valentine’s Day?

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