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Top 5 Things Not To Do or Say to Your New Love

Top 5 Things Not To Do or Say to Your New Love on Valetine’s Day . . .

or any other day

Now that Valentine’s Day has come and you have (hopefully) found a new love, it might be a good idea to review some things to help you keep your new love.     According to online sources such as Dr. Linda Mintle, while there are many things you could do or say to a new love, there are several things you should never say.  Here then, in no particular order, are the Top 5 Things Not To Do or Say to your new love:

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Top 5 Things Not to Do or Say to Your New Love

1.  Avoid referencing a friend of the opposite sex.  Experts claim this can raise questions including as Mintle suggests: “So why are you friends with that guy/girl if you don’t have feelings for him/her?”  On the other hand, should your new love mention a friend of the opposite sex, be careful how you react.  You don’t want to sound “desperate” adds Mintle “like you are jealous and can’t handle his/her relationships.”

2.  Avoid hiding feelings.  If something is bothering you Mintle suggests that your new love could possibly “be more understanding” if you share something.  You don’t need that kind of tension.  “Be direct,” she advises, be open and don’t be afraid to ask your new love: “What do you want to know?”  Hiding feelings can also be seen as an indirect accusation so be honest.

3.  Never respond or react with inappropriate laughter.  If your new love is not smiling and laughing then even if you think something is funny it’s best not to show it.  It could give your new love the impression that he/she has to like what you like and “can’t be different.”  Mintle says: “Let the person be him/herself.”

4.  “We need to talk.”  This phrase is never good to use as it generally is a bad sign.  Mintle says it typically “means that something has been brewing beneath the surface and is building.”  This is never a good thing especially early in a relationship.  Don’t use this phrase unless you mean it.

5.  Mindle also advises avoiding questions such as: “If I died which of my friends would you want to date?”  She also warns: “Do not answer this. There is no good answer.”  She notes: if you insist on replying “say ‘No one could replace you!’

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