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Uh Oh!! When Animals Attack #10


Animals Attack #10


Image Source Alex Wypyszinski via krtv.com.


Image Source Alex Wypyszinski via krtv.com.


The story behind this amazing shot, comes from Alex Wypyszinski, who sat down with Billings, Montana News channel 3 back in 2010. Alex says he had just dropped off his wife at work and had a few hours to kill one morning last April, when he saw a large bear chasing down a buffalo.

The buffalo had escaped the exhausted bears grip, however the next day the buffalo was discovered injured by park rangers and was put down due to it’s wounds suffered in the attack.

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  • stlhdsal

    Hope they fed the buffalo to the bear, it deserved it.

  • Streaker

    They should have taken the buffalo in and treated it. Stlhdsal deserved to be fed to the bear!