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10 Most Dangerous Cities in the World 2014

#1 Aleppo, Syria

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A city under siege. Citizens are crossing from Aleepo – Syria’s economic hub – to Turkey in exodus fashion, as protests between citizens and government has erupted into an all out civil war. After three years of food and fuel shortages, along with governmental tactics of systematically dropping explosive barrels and chemical weapons on civilian areas, Syria has become unlivable. Since the new year, attacks continue to escalate killing citizens by the hundreds. Power and water is cut, trash piles up spreading disease. Over 100,000 civilians have fled the front lines of a genocidal regime, even risking a feared bridge targeted by snipers, to cross into Turkey. A 26 year old refuge names Sobhi desribes it best, “It’s an entirely empty city — a city of ghosts. If you went there, you would be scared to even cross the street.”

10 Most Dangerous Cities in the World 2014 – Aleppo

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  • Ron C.

    Big surprise – not. Cities consumed by tribal warfare, druglords and religious fanatics. But let us not impinge those who argued against turning over all of Africa to black rule regardless of whether or not they were prepared for it or question the US arming terrorists because they were fighting the USSR at the time – how that bit our ass. The war on drugs has made the druglords an entity onto themselves. Legalize drugs and spend a fraction of the enforcement budget on education and do away with the cartels.

  • Charles

    Come on who put this together Cape Town isnt even the most dangerous city in South Africa sort of makes me wonder about the credibility of the entire article

  • brand

    Have you ever been to Cape Town? It is not even close to the other cities mentioned in this article – it is a fantastic city. You are a moron – there is no niece way of saying this. I think you should leave reporting to pro’s.

  • Socratesfan

    The most dangerous cities in the world are the Chinese cities that are producing all the fake medicines. Well, yes, there is New York with Wall Street and all the bank headquarters.