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Charlie Sheen and Brett Rossi Make it Official

Charlie Sheen is now winning with Brett Rossi, as the two now make it official. They are dating. Charlie Sheen is no slouch when it comes to finding women and dating them, especially the likes of female adult film stars.

Brett Rossi, who is also an adult film star told E! News. “I was not expecting it at all. We had a beautiful Valentine’s Day and he proposed to me early this morning after we watched the sun rise… The ring is classic and beautiful, but I don’t have any photos to share just yet. This is the happiest moment of both our lives. He’s my best friend and my soulmate.”

Charlie Sheen, 48, flew Rossi, 24, whom he lovingly calls “Scottie,” to Hawaii in on a private jet, where he WOW’d her with gifts for their first ever Valentine’s Day together, before he stepped out on a limb and asked for her hand in marriage.

Sheen, who is the father of 5 children says he is ready for wife No. 4, as he proposed to Brett Rossi, on Saturday.

Sheen has been married three times before: First to Donna Peele, which ended in annulment, followed by Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller.

It appears Sheen may be on the right path following a highly publicized “meltdown” which was broadcast on television and the Internet. He made bizarre statements in television interviews, suggesting that he was a “warlock” with “tiger blood” and “Adonis DNA”, and that he was “winning”. He also posted videos to YouTube showing himself smoking cigarettes through his nose, and cursing out his former employers.

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